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After a long and successful career in the United States Navy, and having represented hundreds of service members in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Cost Guard, we want to aggressively fight for you, too.

Upgrade Your Military Discharge Status
Every soldier deserves a fair review of their discharge status. Upon leaving the military, members are provided with a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD-214) or a National Guard Report of Separation and Record of Service (NGB-22). These documents summarize their service, but an unfavorable discharge can hinder a veteran’s access to benefits. With the expertise of Dennis Boyle, who boasts a long and successful career in the United States Navy and has represented hundreds of service members across various military branches, we are committed to aggressively advocating for your rights. Let our seasoned Military Discharge Upgrade Attorneys, led by Dennis Boyle, help you enhance your discharge status.
Setting Your Records Straight
Both current and former Military personnel, including Reservists, can seek corrections for errors or injustices in their records. If the service member is incapacitated or deceased, their spouse, next of kin, or legal representative can step in. Each military branch provides administrative solutions to rectify a member’s records, covering a wide range of issues from discharges to evaluation reports.
However, navigating these corrections can be intricate. Different administrative boards have distinct authorities, legal standards, and limitations, which can be perplexing. With Dennis Boyle’s vast experience, we can guide you seamlessly through this process.
Understanding the Discharge Upgrade Boards (DRB)
Depending on the service branch – Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard – members must approach their respective DRBs. These boards, including the joint DRB for the Navy and Marine Corps (NDRB), can modify a discharge and its reason.
Board of Corrections for Military Records (BCMR)
Beyond the DRBs, there are specific Boards for Correction of Military Records (BCMRs) for each branch. Before approaching a BCMR or BCNR, one must first seek remedies through the DRB, unless the DRB’s application deadline has lapsed.
Your Discharge Upgrade Journey
All DRBs adhere to the Department of Defense’s general guidelines but have unique application processes. Initiating an upgrade requires completing a DD-293 form. Applicants can opt for a document-based review or an in-person hearing in Washington, D.C. This two-step approach offers two chances for a favorable outcome.
During the hearing, the board, typically comprising five officers, will evaluate various factors, such as the discharge reason, community service record, employment history, and more. If the DRB denies the request, you can appeal to the BCMR using the DD-Form 149.
For discharges over 15 years old, veterans can directly approach the BCMR. However, it’s recommended to apply within three years of identifying the error or injustice. In special cases, the BCMR might review applications beyond this period if it serves justice.
To access medical and dental records, submit a DD-2870. For records maintained by the VA, use forms 10-5345 and 10-5345a.
Given the limited appeal opportunities and the complexities involved, it’s crucial to have an expert by your side. Dennis Boyle’s extensive experience in military administrative law ensures that you have the best chance of successfully amending your military records.

Who is Dennis Boyle?
Commander Dennis Boyle, from the Judge Advocate General’s Corp, U.S. Navy Reserve (Retired), is renowned for his expertise in military discharge. He began his journey by topping his class at the Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island. On active duty, he served in various roles, including prosecutor in the Western Pacific and Staff Judge Advocate on an Aircraft Carrier. In the Reserve, he worked as a Senior Appellate Defense attorney and concluded as a Judge on the Navy Marine Corp Court of Military Appeals. His dedication has earned him multiple military accolades.

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