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For many who served in the United States military, their service has left them with deep psychological and physical injuries. They may have suffered physical wounds in combat or other hazardous service of psychological wounds from the stress of their military service. Sometimes they have been exposed to hazardous chemicals and have not even become aware of their injuries until years after their service had ended.

To protect and care for this nation’s military veterans, Congress created the Veterans Administration in 1989. Unfortunately, this government bureaucracy has failed in many instances, delivering substandard medical treatment to those who need it and denying benefits to veterans entitled to it.
Dennis Boyle is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and the First Persian Gulf War. He is also accredited by the Veterans Administration as an attorney approved to represent Veterans who have been denied the benefits they deserve, including disabilities resulting from psychological disorders and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Dennis has seen firsthand how combat and other hazardous service can destroy a person on the inside even if to the untrained eye, they may appear normal.

In order to receive disability and healthcare benefits, the veteran must first file a form. In some instances, such as when the veteran has died from a service related injury or illness, a spouse, children or parents may apply for benefits. There are strict timeframes for filing a claim, so it is important to act promptly.
When possible, we will review applications pro bono to assist veterans with the initial filing to make sure the initial application is as strong as possible. When a claim has been rejected, we will represent veterans on a contingent basis, meaning that the veteran pays nothing unless we are successful with the claim.
In some instances, the readjustment to civilian life can be difficult for veterans, and these difficulties often lead to drug or alcohol problems and then arrests. We are always available to talk to veterans to provide advice and counsel. In some cases, we may be able to represent the veteran for a reduced fee (sometimes even pro bono).

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